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About us


Coolcasc was born in a small restaurant in the Swiss Alps on a skiing holiday by a mother who wanted to find and differentiate her children on the slopes…..It was clear!..... helmet covers which made children easy to spot and also made helmets fun for kids and adults alike.

They have since created a motto that drives them to create and develop their brand: We follow the track in a different way.

Coolcasc have been able to make fun, original, imaginative helmet covers to encourage kids to wear their helmets and all the while this simple accessory increases the security for parents or teachers etc. to see their kids in any busy situation whether it be on the ski slope or cycling or even on a scooter.

COOLCASC® helmet covers are one size and adapt on to kids and adult helmets and any kind of helmet and sport. Choose from the completely zany to the demure and everything in between .  Stand out from the rest!